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Select one of the following talks. This is only a selection of his most popular talks, so if you do not see a topic that you would like to cover, email Gary at Gary@handsonapologetics(DOT)com and request the topic.

Hostile Witnesses: How the Historic Enemies Affirm the Faith

Gary takes a look at how the historic enemies of the Church actually affirm Catholicism and can be used to defend the historicity of Jesus, the reality of miracles, Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist, the crusades, the inquisition, and other common anti-Catholic objections.

1 Talk (45-60 minutes) - Hostile Witnesses: How the historic enemies of the Church actually defend the Faith

Making Sense of Mary

Gary explains how Marian doctrine makes perfect biblical sense and how best to explain the Catholic Church's teaching on Mary to non-Catholics.

1 Talk (45 minutes) - Mary: God's Game Change

2 Talks - Same as above plue, Mary: God's Game Changer / Hail, Holy Queen Mother

3 Talk (seminar) - Same as above plus, Joyful Birth and Sorrowful Mother

How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids"

Each year, thousands of unsuspecting children and adults fall victim to "sheep-stealers," who use illicit and manipulative means to pull people out of the Church. This talk provides advice for parent on how to make it more difficult for their children to fall victim to these "wolves"

1 Talk (45 minutes) - How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids (the basics of wolf-proofing)

2 Talks - What To Do If Your Loved One Is Being Recruited by "Wolves"

3 Talks (seminar) - Same as above plus strategies on rescue and intervention.

Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger

Catholic Bibles includes seven books in the Old Testament that Protestant and Jewish Bibles omit. How did we end up with different canons? Whose Old Testament's is correct? How did we get the New Testament? Are their "missing books" in the Bible?

1 Talk - How We Got The Bible

2 Talk - same as above plus, Is the Bible Trustworthy?

The Tricks and Traps of the "New Atheism"

What exactly is new with the "New Atheism"? Do they provide solid reasons why God doesn't exist? Why are so many people susceptible to this new phenomenon?

1 Talk (45 minutes) - The Tricks and Traps of the "New Atheism"

2 Talks - Same as above plus, Does God Exist?

Paranormal Problems

Interest in the paranomal has skyrocketed in recent years. This talk takes an in-depth look at what popular paranormal TV shows teach and discusses what is true, false, and just plain faulty. What can be used for apologetics / evangelism and what should not.

1 Talk (45 minutes) - "Paranormal Problems"

Making Sense of the Mass

Catholics know that the Mass is a sacrifice, but most don't know what is a sacrifice. By looking at the components necessary for a sacrifice, Catholics will learn why the Mass is necessary for all Christians to be fully Christian. Great talk for Lent!

1 Talk (45-50 minutes) - Making Sense of the Mass

2 Talks - Same as above plus The Jewish Roots of the Mass

Why Catholics Believe in Christ's Real Presence

Learn the biblical and historical grounds for belief in Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist. The talk includes a short discussion about the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano.

1 Talk (45 minutes) - Why Catholics Believe in Christ's Real Presence

"Are You Saved?" Salvation Made Simple

How many times have you been asked by non-Catholics "Have you been saved?" "Do you KNOW that you'll go to Heaven? In this talk, Catholics will learn how to show non-Catholics from the Bible that salvation is more than a personal relationship with God.

1 Talk (45 minutes) - Salvation Made Simple"

2 Talks - Same as above plus, Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Catholic Apologetics: Beyond the Basics

9 one hour sessions (daily, weekly, or monthly) for adults. It is a very practical and effective course on how to charitably explain and defend Catholic doctrine. Topics covered: Salvation, Sacred Tradition, Purgatory, the Eucharist, the Mass, and Marian doctrine

Catholic Apologetics: Learning the Basics

9 one hour sessions (daily, weekly, or monthly) for upper middle-school / high school students. Nine hot button topics are covered in a fun and easy to learn format.

(Basic and Beyond the Basics classes are also available for Theistic Apologetics (the existence of God) and Christian Apologetics (the uniqueness and trustworthiness of Christianity).

Youth Talk / Teen Challenge

Teen are naturally argumentative. Why not harness this ability to defend the Faith? In these talks, Gary becomes the anti-Catholic and challenges teens to defend themselves. Afterwards, he critics their response and offers advice. It's exciting, fun, and provides a good incentive for young Catholics to learn their Faith.

1 Talk (45 minutes) - "Hello, I'm a...."

Peter and the Papacy

Is the papacy biblical? What is infallibility? Did the early Church recognize papal authority?

1 Talk (45 minutes) - Peter and the Papacy


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Contact Gary to see if he is available for your event. The rule is "first come, first blocked out," so once you book a date you own it. Gary Michuta can be reached at:

Phone: (734) 674-0676 (bet.10AM - 9PM EST Monday-Friday)

Email: Gary@handsOnApologetics(dot)com or he can receive messages on Facebook at his homepage "Gary Michuta."

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