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Welcome to Gary Michuta's "Hands On Apologetics" website. This website is part of Gary's commitment to help Catholics better understand, defend, and explain their Catholic Faith with others and to be an outreach to non-Catholics. Gary's books and talks invites participants to become more actively engaged in their Faith and to better know and love Our Lord. The material and resources found on this website will help further that goal, whether it is about atheism, the Deuterocanon, the Virgin Mary, or "How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids," it is all here. Enjoy!

If you would like to contact Gary Michuta, you can reach him at Gary@HandsOnApologetics.com

Latest News


December, 6 2014

New Interviews on Army of Apostles

The other month my friends Paul Thomas, Steven Piskerowski and myself traveled down to Ohio for the Why Be Catholic Conference. Paul and Steven's personal journeys back to Faith as well as an interview with a professor of physics on the philosophical underpinnings of science are now up and available to listen for free at our Army of Apostle postcasts site.

December 1, 2014

Midwest Catholic Apologetics Conference II Promo Video

Over 1,100 people from around the country came to Sts. Cyril and Methodius Slovak Catholic Church in Sterling Heights Michigan for the first annual Midwest Catholic Apologetics Conference. The conference returns this January 24th. To check out their new promo video on youtube CLICK HERE for more information.


November, 12 2014

2 New CD Sets Released: "Is Sacred Tradition Necessary?" and "From Peter to Papacy"

Catholic Productions has released TWO new CD sets. The second volume of Gary Michuta's Defending the Faith Series has been released. It contains FOUR in-depth classes on the problems of Sola Scriptura (the Bible alone) and why the Bible without Sacred Tradition ultimately undermines the Bible. CLICK HERE for more information. And also volume 3 of that series, "From Peter to Papacy," which explores the biblical foundation of the Papacy and how to explain it to non-Catholics. CLICK HERE.